08 Little-Known Places to Discover

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08 Little-Known Places to Discover

We have separated a list of 15 unknown destinations around the world that are worth a visit

Paradisiacal unknown places with breathtaking landscapes… This is the perfect combination for those who like to spend their time discovering new places, peoples and cultures. 

To help you pick out new and unusual places to explore, we’ve made a list of some little-known destinations we love. Come with us!

Oh, and feel free to browse the menu below if you prefer 😉


Little/lesser known places to travel in Brazil

Fantastic places that arouse the curiosity of tourists around the world. 

Robertinho Lake

image of roberttinho lake with several straw parasols in the water on a sunny day.

For those who like a climate of peace and quiet, Lake Robertinho is a great option . Located in Boa Vista, the place has clear waters and has a series of small thatched kiosks, which give a pleasant interior atmosphere. 

But those who think that the tour is a destination only for those who want calm are wrong. There, adventurers can enjoy activities such as Banana Boat, Stand Up Paddle and even a zipline.  

Lake Robertino is 50 km from the capital of Roraima, Boa Vista, so car rental can be an affordable option for those who want to enjoy this tour. 

Minas Gerais – Ibitipoca

image of waterfall fall in ibitipoca

Located in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, Ibi Tipoca invites tourists to disconnect from nature together. There, you can enjoy the trails of the Ibitipoca State Park, which gives access to beautiful waterfalls that are part of the water circuit and provide breathtaking views

At night, how about enjoying the musical side of the region? Ibitipoca hosts Jazz and Blues festivals and, even out of season, the schedules of local bars and restaurants are also rocked by rhythms. 

Departing from Juiz de Fora, there are several bus options that go to Ibitipoca. Departing from Belo Horizonte, the path is a little longer and you need to travel about 260 km. 

Mato Grosso – Nobles

image of crystal clear lake with fish in nobles

Despite being less known, Nobres is a city that has many characteristics similar to Bonito and is home to natural pools and waterfalls with crystal clear water.

The region is also a great dish for those who enjoy landscapes and don’t give up on responsible tourism. It is possible to visit caves, swim with fish and enjoy the zipline that goes over transparent lakes. 

The city is about 150 km from Cuiabá and, in addition to car rental, it is possible to reach Nobres by bus, as several lines make the journey. 


Pará – Alter do Chão

image of natural islands complex in ground alter beach on a cloudy day.

As much as it has already been recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil by The Guardian newspaper, in 2009, Alter do Chão is still a destination little known by many tourists. 

The region has a complex of natural islands and wide stretches of white sand, always bathed in clear, crystalline waters. In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, those who visit Alter do Chão can also take advantage of the tour to see the meeting of the Amazon River with the Tapajós River , take boat trips and discover Ilha do Amor. 

The city with the closest airport to Alter do Chão is Santarém. From there, it is possible to arrive by bus or by car, after about 1 hour by road. 

Lopes Mendes beach
Couple walks on the sands of Lopes Mendes beach on a sunny day.

Located in Ilha Grande, Lopes Mendes Beach is the perfect destination for those who want to combine tranquility and proximity to nature. The place is also a great option for surfing. 

The sea, painted in different shades of blue, invites tourists to make the most of nature, whether relaxing or walking along the entire length of the island. It is also possible to enjoy hiking around the island. 

Access to Lopes Mendes Beach can be done by boats that leave Vila do Abraão and the round trip transfer costs around R$30.00 per person. 

San Francisco do Sul

image of houses and establishments by the sea in san francisco do sul on a sunny day

Known in the state as the oldest city in Santa Catarina, São Francisco do Sul appeals to all those who seek the peace of the interior, but do not give up on a beach. 

Perfect for those who enjoy a historic setting, the city ​​still preserves much of its 14th century architecture . The coffee plantations, the historic center and the museums are responsible for the bucolic atmosphere of the interior. 

The beaches are located about 17 km from the city center and the most visited are Praia da Enseada, Prainha and Praia Grande. There it is also possible to go canoeing and walk along the trails in the Acaraí State Park

To get there, you can go by plane to Joinville, from where buses leave for São Francisco do Sul. Car rental is also a great option for those who want more freedom =)

Icaraí de Amontada

image of the late afternoon in icaraí beach

If the idea is to get to know a little-known place and take the time to go unconnected, Icaraí needs to be at the top of the list!

The place, which was once a fishing village, today basically survives on tourism. On the coast, it is possible to practice windsurfing, take a boat ride and enjoy that little mouthful at the restaurants.

The famous dunes from Ceará are also present in Icaraí de Amontada and, in addition to helping to create a beautiful setting, both at dawn and at dusk, they are a great option for those who enjoy buggy rides.

To get to Icaraí de Amontada, the best option is to disembark in Fortaleza. From there, travelers can choose between taking the bus or car. 


Little known places in the world

Now that we’ve talked about destinations here in Brazil, it’s time to introduce other places in the world that are not so well known yet, but that delight tourists who know them. 


image of huacachina village in the middle of the desert during sunset.

Anyone who has always dreamed of images of oases in movies or cartoons, need to visit Huacachina, in Peru! The village is small, with only 100 inhabitants, but it is considered the “Oasis of America” . The village is home to a beautiful lagoon surrounded by white sand dunes. 

In addition to the fantastic look, Huacachina also appeals to extreme sports enthusiasts, as it is possible to practice sandboarding in the dunes! Visitors to Peru can reserve and dedicate an entire day to visit Huacachina.

Known as the Peruvian Sahara, Huacachina is located 290 km from Lima. Departing from the capital, it is possible to travel by bus to Ica and, from there, to Huacachina by taxi. This part of the journey takes just 10 minutes.