5 safe destinations for you to enjoy the Carnival holiday in 2021

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5 safe destinations for you to enjoy the Carnival holiday in 2021

Looking for safe destinations in Brazil to travel? Despite the arrival of changes and the glimpse of improvement in 2021, we know that it is still necessary to consciously choose each trip we will take, avoiding routes with a greater flow of tourists – especially during holidays and parties. 

But this is far from meaning that your trip will be any less amazing, see! You can safely reconcile wonderful experiences in just a few clicks. To help you, we have separated 5 safe destinations in Brazil, spread across each region of the country.

Let’s go there? 😉

5 safe destinations in Brazil to enjoy Black Friday

1. Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás

If you are looking for safety and tranquility on your next trip, this is one of the right destinations for you!

Considered a Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and known as the “Birth of the Waters”, Chapada dos Veadeiros is one of the most incredible places in Brazil. There are countless beauties that you can experience, such as Vale da Lua, Cachoeira Santa Bárbara and Mirante da Janela , some of the favorite places of those who pass by.

Oh, and another thing that makes Chapada special is its mystical touch. In addition to being on the so-called 14th parallel, an imaginary line that crosses Machu Picchu and Alto Paraíso, there you can find quartz crystals and cave paintings. This makes many people look to Chapada dos Veadeiros as a source of fortification, spiritual healing and a place of meditation. 

2. Jalapão, Tocantins


Jalapão is another safe destination in Brazil to travel with peace of mind – and probably secure some of your most amazing travel photos ever!

With countless crystalline wells amidst the stunning green landscape, several waterfalls ready to welcome you with their icy waters, canyons and caves , Jalapão is a paradise to let anyone’s jaw drop. You can still venture through orange dunes, fervedouros, and the community located near the park. 

A tip is to travel to Jalapão in September. This way you will be able to see the golden grass at the height of its beauty and enjoy the days without rain. Another tip is to take advantage of the MaxMilhas APP  to ensure your ticket is much cheaper😉 

And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to have the headache of looking for tickets, accommodations, chasing a guide and things like that, click here for a complete Experience. Having the support of people who understand travel can make a big difference to the quality and safety of your trip and not be more expensive. That’s because companies are able to negotiate the value of accommodation, tours and air due to the volume of people they serve.

And for those who like a more differentiated experience, get to know the Extraordinary Jalapão Package .

3. Capitol, Minas Gerais

safe places to travel in Brazil

Minas may have no sea, but on the other hand, there are some incredible waterfalls waiting for you 😉

Located between Serra da Canastra and Lake Furnas, Capitólio brings together a unique landscape and lots of activity to put you in a unique connection with nature. In addition to the Lake, you can also be dazzled by the view from the top of the Mirante dos Cânions, enjoy the ice bath of wonderful waterfalls and even venture through the rural route of the Serra.

For those who enjoy an evening getaway, Capitólio offers you the chance to enjoy the best of Minas Gerais cuisine and even options for night parties.  

4. São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas

Safe places in Brazil to travel: #4 São Miguel dos Milagres

Want to get a taste of the Caribbean without having to leave the country? São Miguel dos Milagres is on the list of safe destinations in Brazil and can fulfill this role for you! 

With wild beaches with crystal clear water, ready to welcome you with many activities such as snorkelling, raft rides, stand up paddle and much more, this corner of Alagoas also promises incredible experiences.

In addition to a rest in the shade of coconut trees, you can count on an afternoon filled with good drinks and mouth-watering cuisine!


Rio Grande do Sul, Aparados da Serra,


The Aparados da Serra National Park is one of the largest and most significant preservation areas in the country. With more than 30 thousand hectares, the place does not skimp on natural beauty and brings together breathtaking landscapes.

One of them is the Itaimbezinho Canyon! This is just one of nine canyons in the park, but our favorite: with 720 meters deep walls framing a simply indescribable view, the place is a must-see for anyone visiting the region.

With activities on horseback and biking, trails, waterfalls, rappelling, picnic and much more with breathtaking landscapes, Aparados da Serra stands as a breather in the midst of the events of 2020!