See now 5 amazing tips for visiting the Louvre museum, skipping lines and seeing all the major works in one day.

Tips for visiting the Louvre museum

1- Enter through the entrance to the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall .

The first important tip is where you will enter the museum. As shown on the map below, the Louvre has two entrances: Through the glass pyramid and on the right side, in the Richelieu wing.

The best way to avoid long lines to enter the museum is to enter on the right, through the Carroussel du Louvre shopping mall The entrance through the pyramid is always crowded with people and the lines are usually huge.

That’s because security is stronger at this entrance than at the other. Which, consequently, generates a delay in the queue.

In addition, the entrance to the shopping carousel is accessible via the underground part of the subway. In other words, few people know about this option, which makes it more empty.

To get to this mall, just take metro line 1 and get off at the Palais Royal-Museé Du Louvre station . When you get off at the station, just follow the signs and you will be inside the mall. Entrance through the mall is for people who have some kind of card, like the museum pass , for example.

You can also access via Rue de Rivoli .


Remember the movie The Da Vinci Code ? When you see the inverted pyramid, you’ll know you’re at the entrance to the Richelieu wing .

2- Use the museum pass or buy a ticket in advance

Another tip to save time at the Louvre is to get ahead and buy a ticket to the museum online or buy the Museum Pass. This way, you avoid having to face another giant queue to buy a ticket on the spot.

The same happens with the Museum pass , which you can buy in advance over the internet, at the airport or at travel agencies. With this pass you can enter the Louvre at any time and as often as you like.

Tip: In addition to being a great way to save money in Paris, the museum pass gives you the flexibility to visit the same monument or museum as often as you like. But this, it is clear within that period of days that the card is worth.


In other words, to visit the Louvre museum calmly, using the museum pass is one of the best options. Because if you can’t see everything, you can come back another day and not pay another down payment for it.

3-Plan a itinerary beforehand

Oh, is this serious? In addition to planning a tour around the city, do I also have to plan another tour to visit a museum?

Yes, gentlemen. If you want to save time and see the main works in one day, doing this is essential.

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So keep in mind what you most want to see! Generally the most visited works are Monalisa and Venus de Milos. But besides them there are also other works and objects that are very popular. For this you need to know which are the museum’s wings and what works and objects you will find there. This way, you plan which wing of the museum to visit first.

5- Use a map

As you may be tired of knowing, the Louvre museum is huge. So using a map to find your way inside and not get lost is paramount. They offer the map there at the museum entrance and it’s free. But, ideally, you don’t have to look at the map right away. That’s what we did and honestly I don’t recommend it. Because it’s a drag that you’re looking at the map all the time. So, you can’t even appreciate the museum properly.

So, download the map online , and consult it first. Combining this with a good itinerary, you will certainly not get lost and will be able to see everything you want, in a single visit.