6 must-see fall destinations for 2021

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6 must-see fall destinations for 2021

Ah, autumn! ūüćāThe season that already makes people start taking their cold clothes out of the closet and dreaming of the foliage taking on orange tones, getting ready for¬†spring¬†!¬†

If you’re looking for fall destinations to enjoy the season, we’re here to help!¬†We have separated some perfect places for those who want to venture around the world.¬†

Come on?

Santiago, Chile 

Andes Mountains at the end of Santiago

Santiago is a year-round destination, but with its trees taking on orange hues, the city takes on an added charm during the fall¬†ūüėČ

A place that can please the most diverse tastes, the Chilean capital manages to be a very interesting mix of history and modernity, has several tour options and mouth-watering cuisine. In addition, there you can enjoy the best of both worlds: just a few hours from the coast and right at the base of the Andes Mountains and its ski resorts.


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni Salar

With more than 10,000 square kilometers, Salar de Uyuni attracts visitors from all corners to see up close the natural beauty of the largest salt desert in the world. Located in Bolivia, the place provokes unique sensations in those who know it, especially with the contrast between white and blue sky. 

Choosing to visit this region during the autumn, you will find Salar de Uyuni with milder temperatures compared to the extremes it can reach in winter and summer. Furthermore, by specifically choosing the month of March to travel, you can find this meeting of heaven and earth, with the end of the rainy season. 


Mendoza, Argentina

mendoza - autumn winter in the southern hemisphere

One thing that we cannot forget to comment is that this is the perfect season to enjoy a good wine.¬†That’s why Mendonza, Argentina is a great fall destination!

Get ready for a journey exploring wineries, industrial wineries, factories and vineyard valleys.¬†And yes, if you’ve dreamed of having a glass of wine contemplating nothing less than the Andes Mountains, this is the right place to take it off your wish list.¬†

Oh, and an extra tip for extra luxury is to enjoy your stay to relax in the hydrothermal stations and spas in the region! 

Ever feel like spying the tickets even before seeing all the destinations?¬†we help!ūüėČ


Machu Picchu, Peru 

autumn destinations - macchu picchu

Machu Picchu is on many people’s travel list.¬†Discovered in 1911, the lost city of the Incas is now one of our UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites and carries an incredible history.¬†

There are several temples, pyramids and solar calendars for you to explore and be amazed by the ancient culture and beauty of the place.¬†In addition, you can count on a meeting with the charming and famous mascots of the place ‚Äď alpacas and llamas delight any visitor!ūüėÄ

If you’re looking for a time with fewer tourists, visiting Machu Picchu during the fall has just earned you points.¬†In addition to being the season with the lowest flow of tourists, this is also the period with the least rainfall.¬†


Johannesburg, South Africa 


Johannesburg is a city full of life and steeped in history.¬†One of the most sought after destinations in South Africa, the city is the country’s main urban, cultural, industrial and commercial hub.¬†

Marked by Apartheid, Joburg provides you with a deep dive into one of the most disastrous events in human history in its many museums, exhibitions and galleries that are very important to the world’s imagination.¬†Plus, you can prepare for plenty of street art, nightlife and safaris near the city.ūüėČ

For those who want to get to know Johannesburg, autumn is the right season: low season, with pleasant temperatures and little rain, this is the perfect time to play on the streets of the city! 


Sydney, Australia

Fall Destinations - sydney

Sydney is one of Australia’s most amazing destinations.¬†Multicultural and full of surprises, the city is a very nice mix between a cosmopolitan landscape and the natural beauty of the country.¬†

And we’re not exaggerating when we say that this is a place to fill the tour with activities: from the famous Opera House to the Blue Mountains, passing by simply amazing beaches, Sydney is a dream destination!¬†