Adventure tourism, the 5 most exciting destinations

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Adventure tourism, the 5 most exciting destinations

Discover the 5 most exciting destinations to practice adventure tourism in Brazil

Looking for destinations full of adventure, that combine a lot of adrenaline with paradisiacal scenarios and still guarantee beautiful travel photos ? You came to the right place! We have separated the 5 most exciting destinations to practice adventure tourism in Brazil .

But before checking out our destination tips, we’ve prepared a guide for you to check out what adventure tourism is , how it came about, what types and much more. You will leave here expert and with your suitcase ready to travel. Left?

  • Diamond Plate
  • Beautiful
  • sprouts
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Saint Domingos

Okay, but what is adventure tourism?

The Ministry of Tourism basically defines adventure tourism in Brazil as tourist experiences resulting from adventure activities for leisure and fun. That is, without competitive or dispute purposes.

Do you know that activity with controlled risks that you practice to have fun on a trip with family or friends? Like canoeing, canoeing or diving with sharks and rays in the Maldives? Laughs. So, this is adventure tourism .

And the options for places to practice this type of tourism are varied. From natural spaces, such as beaches and rivers, to spaces built especially for this purpose, you have a huge range of options.


Much more than a by-product of Ecotourism

Although it has already been seen as a by-product of Ecotourism, today there are market characteristics that define adventure tourism as a unique practice full of particularities.

The forms of leisure have been changing over the years and what we see is that tourism has accompanied these changes. For at least the last 3 decades, much more has been discussed about the concept of adventure tourism .

With a world increasingly linked to sustainable issues, tourism has become closer to the environment. Perhaps the frenetic pace of urban life calls for adventure and fun that reconnects people to nature.

And that’s where adventure tourism comes in, offering fun with a lot of adrenaline, in a healthy way and, on top of that, in contact with nature. The differentiated and challenging nature of the activities ensure more and more followers.

What features explain adventure tourism?

What characterizes adventure tourism is the practice of activities, commercially offered, that are adapted from adventure sports to recreation. Because unlike sports, here the award received is personal satisfaction.

And if in the practice of this type of tourism you have overcome some personal limit, such as fear of heights; and feel freedom, pleasure and overcoming, congratulations! You practiced adventure tourism correctly.

Oh, and of course: it is also necessary that the activity does not generate a negative impact on the environment, ok? We cannot forget this very important point!😉

The types of adventures that await you

Ready to get to know some types of adventures to enjoy your dreamed and desired vacation? There are options for all tastes. If you like speed activities, on solid ground or hanging from a rock, we have an option for you.

  • For those who are very radical – If you really like to test your limits and are not afraid of heights, this type of adventure tourism was made for you.
  • In it you can choose from several options, such as bungee jumping or paragliding. Other options are, for example, ballooning and rappelling.
  • For those who love water – This type of tourism is for those people who are a fish when they are in seas, rivers, swimming pools and do not leave the water.
  • You can choose canoeing, surfing and still choose between two diving modes: the free option, when you use only the air in your lungs, without the help of extra oxygen; or the standalone option with breathing apparatus.
  • For those who want an immersion in nature – This type of adventure tourism is for those who really like to immerse themselves in nature, of whatever kind.

Choose from canopy tours, hiking trails, horseback riding and even explore the interior of a cave practicing speleotourism.

How to practice adventure tourism?

Well, the first thing you need to ensure is that you are being accompanied by a trained professional and that the practice guarantees your safety. After all, we don’t want to end the trip ahead of time due to unforeseen events and injuries, right?

Good adventure tourism is practiced in the company and supervision of an instructor. The trained professional will be present to guide you, always check your safety equipment and ensure that nothing gets out of control.

Okay, no contraindications, you just need to jump into the adventure now. Come on?

The 5 most exciting destinations in Brazil

Discover now the 5 best destinations for adventure tourism in Brazil. Rest assured that once you find out which ones they are, you will count every minute to meet them in person. Call friends, love and family to see it and already schedule a super trip with everyone.

Diamond Plate

Natural beauty and lots of adventure in Bahia

image of two people on the stones of the chapada diamantina

Perhaps Chapada Diamantina is the destination with the most adventure options for you. There, it is possible to hike in the Vale do Pati, climb the numerous rocks present in the area, rappel in the Gruta do Lapão, zip line in the Pratinha River and much more.

From gliding to floating in the clear waters of Poço Azul, Chapada Diamantina has options for the whole family. The place is so beautiful and romantic that if you go with the crush, you may already leave there searching for the cheapest romantic destinations to take the love.


Countless adventures in Bonito in Pernambuco

image of two people in beautiful waterfall


Located in Pernambuco, 140km from Recife, the city of Bonito has gained a lot of attention in recent years thanks to its growing adventure tourism. There you can do zipline, rappel, cable car ride and balloon flight.

Although it has all these great options, Bonito really became famous for its tree climbing. There is no one who knows the city and don’t be tempted to have that special contact with nature.


Great leisure options just 2:30 am from the capital

image of a waterfall in the middle of a growing forest

Adventure tourism in Brotas is really quite radical and whoever likes this modality, it’s done! The most popular option in the city is rafiting, or simply the speed boat ride along the Jacaré Pepira River.

There is also the option of abseiling in waterfalls. This sport is called canyoning and is also very popular. For those who are more conservative in their entertainment, there are tree climbing, cross buoys, quad biking and much more.


Rio de Janeiro

The wonderful city has well known adventures

image of a man taking a paraglider ride in Rio de Janeiro.

You may have already heard about the paragliding flight from Rio de Janeiro, right? The famous adventure is the focus of many tourists who come to the wonderful city dreaming of seeing it from above.

The jumps from the Pedra Bonita ramp are made with instructors and you also have the possibility of opting for a hang gliding flight. To help you choose, we clarify: while the paragliding flight is slower, the hang glider can reach 150km.

Saint Domingos

You will be enchanted by the Terra Ronca State Park

image of the interior of a cave on Sundays

In Goiás there are hundreds of beautiful caves that, not by chance, have become scenarios for adventure tourism . With dry and wet options, tourism in Terra Ronca is quite mysterious.

There are waterfalls in the State Park, where access is made by an amazing rappel descent. At the end of the adventure you can even take an invigorating bath in the waterfall. Seriously, is it wonderful or not?

Now that you’ve visited these amazing destinations, the desire to travel only increases, right?