Carnaval 2021: what will happen to the most beloved party in Brazil and how to plan the holiday

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Carnaval 2021: what will happen to the most beloved party in Brazil and how to plan the holiday

If you lived on planet earth in the last year, for sure the most awaited date for you is the next February 16th, right? On this date you plan to experience the delights of a carnival holiday in a post-pandemic world . Lots of music, confetti, friends, fun, but what about the coronavirus? Before planning to exorcise 2020 by jumping on a street block or in a seaside town with the love of your life, you need to first know what the 2021 carnival will look like in Brazil.

Will it really happen? How has the coronavirus affected the Brazilian people’s most beloved party? Where to go? What to do? And the question that does not want to remain silent, the question that is worth a million reais in gold bars: will there be Carnival in 2021?

We have prepared a complete holiday guide for you, with what is and is not allowed to do. In addition to tips on cities to visit and much more. We guarantee that you will not be without the holiday. So, get the serpentine and the mask and check it out!

How carnival 2021 was affected by Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus showed up here in Brazil, in March, shortly after the 2020 Carnival, the question about the edition of the party in 2021 has been hanging over Brazilians’ heads. Many were the solutions designed for the so-loved holiday.

But the truth is that, in none of the scenarios, did we imagine that at this point we would still be dealing with the virus. Postponement, advance, cancellation, all were planned for the 2021 carnival .

Throughout 2020, cities thought of a way not to cancel the party and, at the same time, guarantee the health and safety of tourists and local residents. So keep an eye on how Carnival 2021 can happen in Brazilian cities.

When and how can carnivals in the country’s main cities take place?

Even if it’s not the way you’re used to, you can enjoy the 2021 carnival . What happens is that cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which attract crowds with their iconic samba school parades, postponed the party.

São Paulo and Salvador, in fact, already have new dates for the festivities. In these capitals, carnival will take place from July 8th to 11th, 2021. Recife and Olinda, in turn, which also have well-known parties, have not yet decided whether to postpone it.

But anyway, the postponement of parades and big street carnivals is no excuse for you not to enjoy the holiday and recharge your energy to start 2021 on the right foot. Yes, because we agree that the year only really starts after Carnival, right?


How to plan for Carnival 2021

With or without a pad, pack the bags you’re going to travel! And for that, you need to plan in the smallest detail. After all, we don’t want anything to go wrong. Here we’ll give you tips on what you need to think about to make everything look perfect. Come on?


One of the first things to do is think about airline tickets. We know this is a part of the process that can give you a headache and make your trip more expensive than expected. So the tip is the App MaxMilhas.

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We know that in 2020 it is very difficult that this step will no longer be part of your routine, but remember to always carry enough masks with you for every holiday day. Ah! And don’t forget the alcohol gel, it’s also very important.

When choosing the hotel where you will stay, make sure that it complies with all the sanitary measures required by WHO. In the current context we are living in, it is a relief to be able to feel safe in the place where you will be living for a few days.


Before you pack your bags and put on your masks and your alcohol gel jars, check the weather forecast for the city you’re going to. The weather in some places can vary greatly during carnival and you don’t want to be caught off guard.


But all these steps will only be possible when you decide where to travel, right? We quickly said that this will not be an easy decision because Brazil has a multitude of beautiful scenarios waiting just for you.

But we promise to present you the best options for you to decide where to spend the 2021 carnival . Here we go!

Best Places to Skip Carnival 2021

Ilha Bela – SP

image of boats in Ilhabela on a sunny day

Ilhabela is an archipelago municipality located on the northern coast of the State of São Paulo. With beaches, waterfalls, islands and mountains, Ilhabela has options for all tastes and landscapes to fill anyone’s eyes.

With options of trails, boat trips and a tourist center full of cozy bars, you won’t be without things to do in the city. Ilhabela is a good destination for you to start thinking about the 2021 carnival holiday .

Maragogi – AL

image of the crystal clear sea on Maragogi beach

Tell the truth, what are the Maldives Islands near our Maragogi? Yes, we have a paradisiacal setting on Brazilian soil and it is located in Alagoas. Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, Maragogi has beautiful landscapes for you to enjoy the Carnival holiday.

With a beautiful, crystal blue sea, deserted beaches and natural pools, you’ll love to disconnect from the hectic life and enjoy a few days off in this paradise. So if that’s your option, just pack your bags and go!


Rio de Janeiro – RJ

view of an apartment in Rio de Janeiro during twilight and it is possible to see the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer in the background

Yes, Rio de Janeiro! Even if it’s not to see the samba school parades with several people inhabiting the same square meter, Rio de Janeiro by itself is worth the trip. So the city is still a good option for carnival.

And if you have no idea what to do in Rio de Janeiro without the Marquês de Sapucaí Sambódromo to have a sambadinha, check out 4 tips to enjoy Rio de Janeiro as a carioca and your holiday will be a success!

Kite – RN

picture seen from above of pipa beach on a windy day and rough sea

With one of the most beautiful coastlines in Rio Grande do Norte, Pipa draws breath from everyone who visits it. During Carnival, there are usually blocks in the streets of the center, but even if they don’t exist in 2021, you won’t regret it.

Pipa is the type of beach that appeals to the whole family: from those who enjoy partying, to those who prefer the calm of a deserted beach. So you have no excuse, take mommy, daddy, the crush (as long as they are all respecting the quarantine ein) and left Pipa!