Cheap Romantic Getaways: Impress and Surprise Your Love

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Cheap Romantic Getaways: Impress and Surprise Your Love

Getting out of the rut and enjoying time together is always a great choice for a weekend or a long holiday

Whether to get out of the routine or to enjoy a planned period, traveling is always a very pleasant moment. When it’s possible to get away on a weekend with that person we like, then don’t even mention it!

To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a special list of perfect destinations for cheap romantic getaways and refreshing experiences. From trips to play in the sea to those to enjoy the options of the countryside, there are options for all types of couples. The options are spread throughout Brazil. Be sure to follow along!

Unforgettable destinations in the south region

Owner of distinct landscapes, the southern region of Brazil is home to charming tourist cities, which please both those who love the mountain air and the sea breeze.

Lawn – Rio Grande do Sul

image of avenue in lawn with brown and white houses on a sunny day.

Known for being the main city of Serra Gaúcha, Gramado is located 130 km from the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre. With German colonization, the city has a Bavarian architecture and visitors can be enchanted by the stylish alpine chalets present in the region.

To start our cheap romantic travel guide, the first tip is to visit the Fountain of Eternal Love. Located next to the Church of São Pedro, couples in love have the habit of leaving a padlock with their names there to symbolize love.

And speaking of Igreja São Pedro, this is another destination for those who like to learn about the region’s history. The Roman style Matrix draws the attention of tourists and today is one of the most popular places for photos in the city.

Owner of a very interesting history, the idea for the construction of the Church of São Pedro was the idea of ​​Archbishop D. João Becker, in 1917. However, the building only began years later, in 1943 and has its entire structure made up of more than 78 thousand basalt stones and beautiful sacred stained glass.


image of the colorful locks of the fountain of eternal love

For those couples who like romance, but don’t give up on an adventure, the tip is to visit Snowland , a themed amusement complex with attractions that simulate snow.

There it is possible to skate and ski in spaces that imitate international ski fields. Tickets start at R$169.00 and the organization offers clothes and shoes to cool off. In any case, it is recommended to wear warm clothes, as the temperature gets to be negative! 

Nothing better than a good chocolate to accompany the atmosphere of romance, right? So, couples who visit Gramado can delight in the numerous chocolate factories that open their doors for visitation. The main ones are Lugano, Florybal, Prawer, Planalto and Caracol and the values ​​change according to each one of them.

Crystal factories are also very famous in the region. In them, you can follow the manufacturing process, in addition to visiting showrooms that display cups and various other household accessories.

At night, the city is full of restaurants and fondue rodízios are the main options. There are traditional casters and stone fondues, a trend in the region. It’s worth looking for restaurants near the center and those located along the main avenue.

An interesting point is that most restaurants offer transfer services, which pick up and take customers back to their respective hotels or inns.

Also,  the municipality is well known for the festival of lights at Christmas time and the large amount of hydrangeas in full bloom in spring . As we proved, the city is full of attractions for all styles and tastes.

Cinnamon – Rio Grande do Sul

image of the entrance of cinnamon near the local cathedral

Next to Gramado, Canela is also a city that provides an atmosphere of romance and unforgettable experiences .

Parque Caracol, for example, is home to the Caracol waterfall, a 130 meter high waterfall that runs along a huge stone wall. In Parque da Serra, the aerial cable cars are great options for those who want a different view of the Caracol waterfall. The ticket price starts at R$ 42.00.

A visit to the Catedral de Pedra is also a great option for those who like decorations in an agnostic style. All built and clad in stone, the place dates back to the 1950s and its highest point is 65 meters high.

Still in the wake of a cultural tour, Mundo a Vapor is an attraction that unites tourism with history, as it represents a railway accident that occurred in Paris in 1895, at the Montparnasse station. Tickets cost R$36.00 and students pay R$20.00.

The region’s gastronomy also appeals to everyone. There are several options for pasta, fondue and traditional dishes of local cuisine.

Ilha do Mel – Paraná

image of wooden railing of the pier of the island of honey on a sunny day.

Paradisiacal place, Ilha do Mel is home to 11 beaches. They are: Brasília, Cassual, Encantadas, Fortaleza, Limoeiro, Grande, Farol, Miguel, Ponta Oeste, Fora and Belo.

All of them provide experiences for the most different tastes: with or without waves, calmer and more agitated, with easier or more difficult access.

Access to the site is by boat, departing from two locations: Paranaguá and Pontal do Paraná. Arriving at Ilha do Mel, the entire route needs to be done on foot, as the tide is responsible for the time of the hike. Because of its infrastructure, the island receives a maximum of five thousand people a day, in an environmental strategy to avoid degradation.

The most important tip here is to find out about the characteristics of the places you intend to visit. Two of the most recommended tours are:

  • Farol das Conchas – dating from 1872, the site is not open to internal visitation, but it is still possible to climb the 150 steps and the complex of ramps that lead to its top, in Morro das Conchas. The view from the place is enchanting and makes it possible to see the entire Ilha do Mel.

To get there, departing from the village of Nova Brasília, the walk takes about thirty minutes. Leaving Encantadas, the way is a little longer and takes about two hours.

  • Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, which was built in the 18th century, in 1770, on the sands of Fortaleza beach. The fort is located by the sea and is open to visitors.

Leaving the village of Nova Brasília, the walk takes half an hour. But there are other ways of access: it is possible to arrive by boat, bicycle or by the alternative trail of Encantadas, also after a 2h30 walk.


Southeast region and its charm

Although it doesn’t seem like it, the southeast region also has cities that embrace the romantic climate.

Domingos Martins – Espírito Santo

image of a pousada in domingos martins and the blue stone in the background

The municipality of Domingos Martins, located in the state of Espírito Santo, is a mixture of German and Italian colonies. For being traditional, the region still preserves the typical architecture of the time and leaves the culture alive through folk festivals and regional cuisine.

There, one of the most beautiful tours is to visit the Pedra Azul district, which is 50 km away and is home to several restaurants. The Pedra Azul State Park has waterfalls, natural pools and trails. Admission is free, but needs to be scheduled.

Another tour option is the Rota do Lagarto, a touristic tour that allows you to get to know one of the most beautiful regions of Espírito Santo. Right at the beginning of the route, Pousada Peterle is already a tourist spot. Its cottages made of raw wood give a romantic air, both inside and out. all the way is full of surprises, with a tunnel of trees, views of Pedra Azul, more historic inns and romantic restaurants.

Guarapari – Espírito Santo

image of a beach in guarapari with buildings in the background on a sunny day.

A destination much sought after by the people of Espírito Santo, but also by miners, Guarapari is a coastal city, populous and with complete infrastructure, while offering a peaceful climate for tourists.

The beaches in the center are the most popular and sought after by those who want to take the time to relax. But Praia dos Namorados is the main destination for couples in love.

Small full of rocks that help in the formation of small natural pools, Namorados beach is also in the central region of Guarapari. it has a small strip of sand, but it is a cozy and perfect place to relax.

Cabo Frio – Rio de Janeiro

image of the sea in Cabo Frio with the beach and buildings in the background on a sunny day.

Whether by the transparent sea and the scenery created by the sand dunes, Cabo Frio is a great option for couples.

For those who enjoy playing sports and being in contact with nature, strong winds are very favorable for sailing. Speaking of sea, the marine life of Cabo Frio is also very rich, especially on Ilha do Papagaio and Ilha Comprida.

At night, the Boulevard Canal promenade brings together bars and restaurants. For those who prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle, the Passagem neighborhood contributes to the creation of a bucolic atmosphere and offers options for calmer bars, which surround a delicious little square.


Monte Verde – Minas Gerais

landscape image of round stone trail in green hill

Located at the top of the Mantiqueira mountain range, the city of Monte Verde is blessed with fresh breezes and offers wonderful views to tourists. also bucolic, the aesthetics of the houses follow the European style and give an alpine atmosphere to the region.

The trails are always great options for walking, as they cut through forests and pine woods. One of the main ones is the Pedra Redonda trail, which offers a view of the entire region from the top.

Hotels and inns are an attraction on their own, as they offer great services and are experts in creating a romantic mood. In the evening, a walk around the center and a fondue for dinner are good options for couples.