The coronavirus has since the beginning of the year, made most of Brazilian travelers staying with anxiety chest: Cancelo or not my trip to Europe?

With a trip scheduled, months and even years of planning, many are seeing their dreams go down the drain because of COVID-19.

There are those who say that not canceling the long-awaited trip is an act of selfishness, but actually it goes far beyond that.

Imagine you spend months and even more saving every penny to pay for the dream trip. You gather that little money with so much sweat that just the idea of ​​losing everything is traumatic.

After all, the dollar is reaching R$5.00 and the situation is not easy for anyone. This is not the time for us to go around wasting reais and much less euros.

But then what to do? To travel or not?

In my opinion the answer is: it depends

Coronavirus trip cancellation: How to cancel my trip without taking damage

As said before, it is not simple to cancel a trip and run the risk of losing the money put together with so much sacrifice, but some considerations must be made.

If you are scheduled to travel to risk zones, it is good to deselect it. In this case you need to contact the airline or tour company and negotiate.

If the country’s government confirms the cases, you have every right to request that your trip be canceled or postponed.

” Those consumers with a trip booked during a period in which there is coronavirus infection status in cities and countries confirmed by the Official bodies/entities, may request the cancellation or rebooking of the ticket or tour package, at their discretion, without having to pay the burden of any fines provided for in the contract signed with the supplier”, details the note from Procon-PE sent to the report.

Also according to Faustino, if the company refuses, the consumer can go to Procon, where a legal team will be available to give all the support. “We notify the company and try to make an agreement without penalties. It takes an average of 30 to 45 days, because you have to respect the company’s legal defense period”, adds Faustino. However, if the trip is closer, the recommendation is that the consumer seek the Judiciary Branch to try to request an injunction with a decision by a judge for compliance by the company, which can take around two to three days.

Trips from April canceled or not

Nobody knows how the situation is going to be going forward and we cannot forget that it is now winter in the northern hemisphere. From April onwards, the climate will start to warm up and the situation may improve.

And, this is the opinion of journalist Ricardo Freire from Viaje na Viagem. Opinion which I strongly agree with.

“For trips from mid-April onwards, it may be worth following the evolution of the situation in Europe and deciding further ahead. It is easier to cancel free tickets and accommodation when there are restrictive measures enacted, which could happen in the next few weeks in other countries.”

For those who have a trip in 30 days and for countries at risk, try canceling with the airline, or on Procon. In extreme cases you can try to cancel it through the courts.

Italy is the country most affected by Coronavirus at the moment.


As difficult as it is to postpone a trip, it is always good to be prudent. Think, Europe is there, beautiful and beautiful, and this virus will pass. Maybe leaving it for another time is much better. After all, the problem is not only that you can catch this disease, but several factors can frustrate your trip.

After all, there will be few people on the streets, the weather is heavy, tourist attractions and restaurants are closed. How about waiting for this epidemic to pass for you to enjoy Europe as it deserves to be enjoyed?

If you manage to postpone this trip with the airline or agency, you can take advantage of the money you saved and travel here in Brazil, why not?

Our country has beautiful places, and maybe it’s time to discover them.

In addition, I wish you all a safe journey and positive thinking. Never give up on your dreams!!