Discover the best fondue in Gramado and the restaurants for a romantic trip

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Discover the best fondue in Gramado and the restaurants for a romantic trip

The trip to Gramado is in itself quite romantic. Imagine the scene: traveling with the crush, enjoying beautiful landscapes, cold weather, good wine and… the best fondue in Gramado. Yes, because he cannot miss and whoever agrees, breathes!

Check out below the Max Miles guide to the most romantic restaurants in Gramado and, in addition, find out which one has the best fondue.. Let’s go?

What is the best fondue in Gramado?

If you’ve already checked out our 5 travel tips for Gramado , you know how to get discount coupons to make this tour cheaper. As the vast majority of restaurants in the city serve the traditional Swiss dish, going there and not tasting a fondue is to leave the trip incomplete.

Typically, three options are offered: two savory and one sweet. So get ready to find out where to eat meat, cheese and chocolate fondue in Gramado.

1. Le Chalet

“Passionate” is the ideal word to define Le Chalet . In operation since the 1980s, this is the indication that will delight you starting with the environment: a European-style chalet with wooden floors and plush chairs to ease the cold of the mountains.

Awarded several times for its cuisine and specifically for its fondue, it has a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence and 4 stars in reviews. In addition to a fireplace that makes the atmosphere very romantic and cozy. We risk betting on it as the best fondue in Gramado.

Ah! Are you vegetarian or lactose intolerant, for example? It has special fondue options for you. To taste these and other options at the restaurant, such as the meat, cheese and chocolate fondue, traditional versions or in stone, it’s easy:

  • Address: Av. das Hortênsias, 1297 – Centro (It is approximately 300 meters from the city’s cathedral).
  • Opening hours: Monday to Monday from 11 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm to midnight. In high season (April-August, plus November-December) it is open all day from 11:00 to 00:30.

2. Chateau Dos Platanos

The Chateau Dos Platanos is one of the traditional fondue town homes and has 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor ratings. Despite offering à la carte options , it was the Swiss dish that made the restaurant famous there and it is the establishment’s flagship.

The atmosphere is so welcoming and romantic that even the rechaud , the pot in which fondue is made, has hollow hearts. Seriously, it’s too much passion! The restaurant is on a very charming street, with lots of trees. Worth knowing!

There, two versions of fondue are offered: the traditional one and the stone option, which is usually how the meat one is presented. And, in addition to all these options, you can also order Chinese fondue, shrimp, fish or the traditional sequence: cheese, meat and chocolate.

 It made my mouth water, right? So, write everything down to know the place: 

  • Address: Rua João Alfredo Schneider, 607 – Planalto.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm and from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

3. Chateau De La Fondue

The name may sound like it, but this and the previous one are different restaurants. The Chateau De La Fondue is right in the center of lawn, which can be more advantageous depending on where you are staying, and has 4 stars on TripAdvisor ratings.

The environment looks like a colonial house with large windows, curtains and lamps. The stone and wood architecture makes the space the perfect place for a passionate night for the lovebirds. Oh, it’s so beautiful! And the menu?

You can find Swiss cheese fondue, meat, Chinese fondue, shrimp, congrio rose fish, Swiss potatoes and chocolate. With a fondue sequence for 2 people, you can enjoy a super romantic evening and not even spend much for it.

An advantage of Chateau De La Fondue is that the opening hours are longer, check out: 

  • Address: Rua João Corrêa, 101 – Downtown
  • Opening hours: from 11:30 am to 11 pm, Monday to Sunday

4. Le Petit Clos

If you are looking for refinement and elegance, the option is Le Petit Clos . As it is a little far from the center, the restaurant offers a shuttle service from some hotels in Gramado and Canela, a neighboring city, to there. It also has 4 stars in TripAdvisor ratings.

Despite having a more modern environment, Le Petit Clos does not leave romanticism aside, it has a fireplace, wine cellar and lots of charm. And those who chose to stay in the neighboring city to save money, can spend a little more on dinner.

Le Petit Clos Restaurant has fondue options from R$168 for two people. Ah! There are also vegetarian, vegan, zero lactose and vegetable options on the menu . There are many varieties, for all tastes, there’s nothing to complain about!

  • Address: Rua Demetrio Pereira dos Santos, 599 – Planalto
  • Opening hours: Monday to Monday, from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

table with fruit, glass of chocolate and ice cream

Other romantic restaurants in Gramado

As the couple who choose the Serra Gaucha as their destination do not live only on fondue , we also brought other tips for romantic restaurants in the region.

Have you already noted the tips of places to have a delicious meal in Gramado ? So now it’s time to know where to eat  with your love to celebrate important dates, honeymoon or even surprise and make the wedding proposal, huh?

Italian culinary

Italian food is with Cantina Di Capo . A charming restaurant, installed in a rustic and historic basement in Gramado. They make their own pastas and offer nothing less than 28 types of sauces.

If you like lasagna, risottos, fish and wine, this is the ideal place to take your love . 

  • Address: Rua João Petry, 30 – Downtown.

contemporary cuisine

The Duo is a restaurant choice for people who like to try new and different things. The dishes are copyrighted, use contemporary cooking techniques and the ingredients are locally produced. So, in addition to being tasty, the food is healthy. 

Oh, and the restaurant even has a view that makes everything even more delicious and, of course, romantic.

  • Address: Rua Garibaldi, 152 – Vila Switzerland.

Mediterranean cuisine

The La Table D’Or Méditerrannée is the ideal choice for those who enjoy good Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant has several à la carte menu options , as well as a suggestion menu and a tasting menu with starter, main course and dessert.

The atmosphere is cozy and chic, with a romantic candlelight dinner starting at R$114.

  • Address: Rua Carrieri, 525 – Lago Negro.

So, did you like the tips for romantic dinners to enjoy in Gramado? Now all you have to do is plan your trip itinerary and buy cheaper air tickets at MaxMilhas . Thus, you save on transportation to enjoy even more what matters: the trip.!