Europe in Brazil. States to visit and remember European scenarios

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Europe in Brazil. States to visit and remember European scenarios

Discover the states in Brazil that will leave you with the feeling of traveling through Europe and find out what their biggest attractions are

Anyone out there is longing to travel and visit Europe , but cannot leave Brazil now, we are together. Whether for time, finances or any other reason, it’s not always that we can jump into the most charming continent in this world, right?

But that’s no reason to be discouraged. Our country is plural and is full of cities that are considered Europe in Brazil . So if you want your European close without leaving the country, check with us the destinations that are waiting for you! Come on?

What are the places that most resemble Europe in Brazil?

The year began and, with it, our impetus to pack our backpack and set out on new adventures. And let’s face it, getting to know Brazilian Europe can be a great opportunity to welcome 2021. Especially after the Pandemic forced us into isolation.

That’s why we’ve gathered here the best suggestions for places with that delicious European atmosphere. You’ll be crazy to take the first plane to happiness and go out into the world to see Europe in Brazil.

Thirteen Lime Trees – Santa Catarina

image of a wooden cottage in the middle of a green lawn on a sunny day.

Diving in other cultures becomes a specialty for those visiting Santa Catarina. The state has many options for beautiful, historic and European-style places and the city of Treze Tílias is a good example of this.

Treze Tílias is Austria in Brazil. The small town is, in large part, inhabited by descendants of Austrians who arrived in the place in the 1930s. What was then an Austrian colony, is now a charming Santa Catarina city.

The city’s welcome portal, squares, park and municipal museum give Treze Tílias a special touch. In addition, it is possible to take a dip in craft beer, buy a good wine and a chocolate to round off your stay.

You will not leave without good memories.

Cinnamon – Rio Grande do Sul

image of the church of cinnamon at the end of the day

We cannot leave Rio Grande do Sul out when we talk about Europe in Brazil . The state is a record holder for “cities that make you feel in Europe”. And to prove it to you, we introduce you to the city of Canela.

Located in Serra Gaúcha, Canela is a Brazilian city with German influences. Chalets, hydrangea plantations, Bavarian and Gothic architecture are part of Canela’s European scene.

The city’s cathedral, built in stone, in the Gothic style, is one of the city’s many postcards. In your itinerary you cannot miss the air cable car ride and the theme parks Mundo a Vapor and O Reino do Chocolate .

Penedo – Rio de Janeiro

image of houses decorated in Christmas accessories along the length of a street in Penedo during a sunny day

Rio de Janeiro is on this list to prove that the state is not just a beach and summer fun, although this is wonderful. Rio is also the state of European cities in Brazil. Come here, do you already know Penedo? If not, you need to know!

A piece of Finland in Brazil, Penedo surprises with its natural and historic beauty, from trails with crystal-clear waterfalls to open-air shopping malls, you’ll find it all there. The small village is a district of the city of Itatiaia and is located 184 km from the capital Rio de Janeiro.

“Little Finland” is the right stopping point for those visiting Penedo. Despite being, in fact, a mall, the place has Finnish architecture and captures the hearts of visitors. You really feel Europe in Brazil .

The place still has museums, restaurants and inns to make you drool. And if you leave to visit it for Christmas, know that the whole city will be in a festive mood and decorated like a movie set.

Holambra – São Paulo

field of yellow sunflowers in Holambra during sunny day

If you thought that this sunflower plantation was in Munich, Germany , you are wrong. We closed this list with a destination located in the state of São Paulo to prove that the state is not just a land of skyscrapers.

Feel invited to visit Holambra, the municipality with the best safety index in the country and one of the best placed on the quality of life list. The city, which has Dutch influence, is known as “the city of flowers”. Beautiful huh?

Holambra’s flower planting culture has made it the largest exporter of plants and flowers in Latin America. It is possible to watch performances of typical Dutch dances, visit the mill portal and walk around feeling like you are in Holland.

What is the most European city in Brazil?

It is very difficult to choose just one city to represent Europe in Brazil. But, if you also got our tips about the 5 Brazilian cities that will make you feel in Europe , you must have noticed that Holambra really is very special.

Want a suggestion? Visit these cities and choose which is Europe in Brazil for you! The MaxMilhas guarantees the best values in passing and the best destinations.

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