ITA Transportes Aéreos, learn everything about the new company

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ITA Transportes Aéreos, learn everything about the new company

With the first plane on Brazilian soil since February, the new company should start operating in the first half of 2021. ITA Transportes Aéreos is expected to make around 3,000 flights a month.

The company intends to serve 17 cities in Brazil and enter the ranking of the largest airlines in the country. In this text you will learn more about these operations, the routes that the company will cover and the services offered .

Itapemirim, from transportation to air transport

Itapemirim is an old acquaintance of Brazilians, as it has been operating in road transport since the 1950s.

To get around the crisis it has faced in road transport since 2016, the group decided to invest in the air market, and the pandemic advanced its plans. Thus, Brazil gains another company to compete in air traffic.

Thus, it is natural to ask what are the differentials of ITA Transportes Aéreas and what the company has prepared to offer Brazilians.

We highlight below the main advantages and benefits offered by the new arrival company to make your trip an unforgettable moment.

ITA air transport routes

 The company announced its first routes, although it has no set date to start operating. Altogether, there are 9 cities served by ITA in Brazil, most of the destinations in the South / Southeast axis . But there are also stretches in the Midwest and one in the Northeast . 

For now, the cities covered are: 

  • Sao Paulo, 
  • Rio de Janeiro, 
  • Brasilia, 
  • Savior, 
  • Porto Alegre, 
  • Florianopolis, 
  • Curitiba, 
  • Belo Horizonte 
  •  Victory.

In São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, ITA will operate in Guarulhos and Galeão , respectively. Congonhas and Santos Dumont airports are part of the medium-term plan, since the first aircraft do not have a LEAP engine, which is necessary for landing at these airports.

But the plans don’t stop there. The idea is that, by the end of 2021, ITA will add 8 more cities to its itineraries and serve a total of 17 national destinations. The flight distribution centers, called hubs, will be in Confins, Brasília and Guarulhos.

Integration with road transport

One of the great novelties of ITA Transportes Aéreas will be the integration with the road transport of Viação Itapemirim . At first, this will only happen at the hubs, but the intention is to expand the service to other airports.

The objective is for the passenger to be able to combine air and road modes traveling in the same company. This service serves, in particular, customers who leave cities in the interior to the capital and vice versa, in addition to cargo transportation.


The ITA aviation bill, at first, with 10 Airbus A320, the model used also by the LATAM Airlines Brazil and Blue Airlines . They were equipped with every comfort to better serve passengers.

Entertainment, distance between seats and on-board system are the main differentials of Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos. Check out the benefits of ITA for domestic flights in Brazil.

System Sta nd Alone

The system Stand Alone the ITA air transport provides an on-board service with free streaming for passengers. Video and music content will be available for access on each passenger’s mobile devices, such as tablets, cell phones and the like.

The idea is that, in the long term, the company will also offer internet for everyone on board.

Comfort Class

Far from the executive model, ITA Transportes Aéreas will work with two classes: economy and comfort. The Airbus has a capacity for 220 passengers, but the flights will accommodate, regardless of class, 168 seats. This means a guarantee of extra comfort.

In economy class the distance between the seats will be 31 centimeters. The Comfort will have 9 rows of chairs with a distance of 34″ between each one of them.

in-flight service

The in-flight service will be different from other airlines because, despite offering food, it will avoid the snacks model adopted by the vast majority. Alcoholic beverages will also be part of the menu and will be offered as a courtesy.

Fidelity program

The big news of ITA Transportes Aéreas is that the company will launch its loyalty program in the near future. The ITA program will reach the market with great partnerships.

Not to mention the benefits club and all the other services already offered by the best points programs in operation in the country .

Keep following our blog to follow more news about the Brazilian air market and the next steps of ITA Transportes Aéreas .