January holidays, destinations in Brazil to start the year off on the right foot

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January holidays, destinations in Brazil to start the year off on the right foot

Know where to travel in January 2021 in Brazil. Enjoy the holidays and start the year off right!

After 2020, we bet that all you want is to take a few days off in January to enjoy the holidays, breathing new air, right? This is the time to put father, mother, boyfriend, crush and friend under your arm, turn off your cell phone and rest.

Taking advantage of the January vacation is what you need to recharge your batteries and face another 365 days of work. But, we understand how difficult it is to choose among so many amazing places in our Brazil.

With that in mind, we separated the 5 best destinations in the country to travel and enjoy the summer. Prepare the suitcase, remember to check where you can leave your pet during the holidays and don’t forget to use sunscreen.

What to do on January vacation?

Holidays are always the most anticipated time of the year and, if this year was 2020, we risk saying: “most anticipated in life”. After the tension that went through the COVID-19 pandemic, turning off your mind and spending a few days living in shade and fresh water is well deserving, right?

Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in a historic city or any other destination, the important thing is to get to know or revisit places that allow you to enjoy every second of your January vacation . The goal is to get home already thinking about the time to return.

But, if you are on the team that, at the time of planning the trip, you have a hard time choosing your destination, we have the solution. We’ve already given you tips for planning vacations at the company and now it’s time to help you choose where to go.

What are the best destinations to travel in January?

In case you are wondering where to travel in January 2021 in Brazil, we have separated the 5 best destinations for you to call your own. With options for all tastes, it’s going to be hard to choose where to go first. Yes, because you will want to visit them all.

Come check it out!

São Miguel do Gostoso

image of the sunset at São Miguel do Gostoso beach

Anyone who likes the beach has to visit São Miguel do Gostoso. Located on the north coast of Rio Grande do Norte, the municipality has beautiful beaches and many are deserted. With no sidewalks and an infinity of tents, you can enjoy the sun with the privacy you want.

The sunset at Praia de Tourinhos is a sight not to be missed. You can go by quad bike and still guarantee a super fun ride. The largest lighthouse in Latin America, known as Farol do Calcanhar, is located in the city and is also worth visiting.

banana trees

image of a lake in a mountainous region of the municipality of banana trees

Located in Brejo Paraibano, Bananeiras is a great option for those who want to enjoy a mountain in January holidays. The city, which has a rich architectural heritage, has landscapes to fill the eyes of everyone who visits it.

A great option would be to visit Lajedo do Preto, which has an incredible view of the region and, in the evening, visit the Cruise of Rome. On the way back, you can stop at Estação Bananeiras — a restaurant located in the city’s old train station, and have dinner admiring the place.



Boats docked in front of the church in Paraty

Paraty is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Brazil and perhaps the destination with the greatest variety of options for tourists. Bathed by the Perequê-Açu River, the city has sea tours to beautiful beaches and islands.

Its historic center is charming and on its mountain side it is possible to visit waterfalls and go hiking. You can enjoy your January vacation exploring many amazing places in this charming city and come home light and recharged.

Conceição de Ibitipoca

image of the wall of santo antônio in the ibitipoca state park

If you want to enjoy nature, your right destination is Conceição de Ibitipoca, in Minas Gerais. It is there that the famous and beautiful waterfall Janela do Céu is located and believe me, after going there you will not want to go back home.

It is also possible to visit the viewpoint of the Pico de Pião waterfall, where you will have a panoramic view of the mountains. Another option is to go hiking and discover Gruta da Cruz. The surreal experience in Ibitipoca will replenish your energy for another year of work, for sure.

Veadeiros Plateau

waterfall on the deer plate during a sunny day

If resting is not your goal and you really want to enjoy your January vacation with a lot of adventure and adrenaline, start searching for tickets to Chapada dos Veadeiros right now. In the city you can enjoy various tours and adventures.

Options range from mountain biking, rappelling, cave tours and one of the coolest: balloon flight. And if you thought that Chapada had no nightlife, you were wrong. At night you can enjoy a buzz in restaurants and bars full of charm.

What is the best beach to go to in January?

To the beachers on duty, we have a tip that is worth gold. If the question is: “which is the best beach to visit during the January vacation”, we will give you the answer. Located in the Northeast, this beach is, without a doubt, Jericoacoara.


crystal clear beach in jericoacoara on a sunny day

Jeri, for intimates like us, is one of the best known, trendy and beautiful beaches on the coast of Fortaleza, Ceará. If you want to have a drink at a table in the natural pools of the beach or in a hammock in the sea, Jeri is perfect for you.

But if your beach is to practice sports, take a kitesurf board because Jeri also gives you that. Heaven on earth still has lagoons and white sand dunes where you can take a walk in the late afternoon.

At night, go to the main street, full of bars and stalls, to enjoy good music and dance to the sound of sambas and forrós. And who knows, between one drink and another you don’t flirt with someone and live a summer romance, eh? It would be the icing on the cake.