Mileage market in Brazil, what to expect for 2021

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Mileage market in Brazil, what to expect for 2021

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the travel and tourism industry. But the prospects for the year 2021 for the miles market in Brazil are for a good recovery, despite the difficult scenario. 

According to ABEAR , the Brazilian Airlines Association, Brazil’s domestic network will be in full force by the end of the first half of 2021. For this, strict guidelines are being followed to fly in times of COVID-19 .

With the market getting heated again and digital sales increasing every day, the question that remains is: will Brazilians have the opportunity to accumulate more credit card points and airline miles?

To find out about these and other topics related to the Brazilian miles market and air travel, check out the content below!

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The air market and the COVID-19 crisis

If there was a sector that suffered from the pandemic in 2020, it was the air sector. At the beginning of the crisis, the domestic network in Brazil was drastically reduced, international flights were stopped and hundreds of aircraft were parked for weeks.

With the resumption of travel and the gradual return of tourism, expectations for the domestic network in 2021 are much better than those of the previous year. With that, the promises for the miles market in Brazil are also good .

However, international travel may take a little longer to normalize. That’s because the international travel market depends on several external aspects to function, such as the reopening of borders.

What are the expectations for the miles market in 2021?

Despite the difficult phase faced, the Brazilian miles market is already feeling signs of recovery. After a 2020 filled with opportunities to accumulate credit card points and airline miles, 2021 will be the year to sell them or turn them into travel.

Online and credit card sales are on the rise and the start of vaccinations gives hope for a progressive resumption of travel to various destinations. In other words, whoever is accumulating miles can get ready to put plans off the paper!

Loyalty programs invest in accumulation

We know that consumer behavior is changing. Digital purchases have increased and the trend is that spending on credit cards will also accelerate.

After all, the more online and credit card purchases you make, the more points you generate. This gives Brazilians the possibility of accumulating more card points and airline miles. In this sense, perhaps this is the ideal time to join a loyalty program.

So, take the opportunity to learn about the complete guide to the loyalty programs that work in Brazil and choose the one that best fits your possibilities. Among the myriad of plans in the most diverse programs, one will certainly be made for you.

Remember that by transferring your points and accumulating miles, you guarantee that long-awaited trip with the best cost-benefit ratio. There’s no better reason to monetize your spending, right?

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Itapemirim and expectations for a new points program

Just as the miles market in Brazil has been gaining with the resumption of travel, airlines are increasingly recovering. That’s because, in 2020, the crisis led several foreign companies to suspend their operations.

The Air Italy , which in 2019 was the second largest airline in Italy, closed its doors last year. The Interjet , a Mexican company, and FlyBe , a British company, were also affected by the crisis. 

Despite the delicate international scenario, the Brazilian aviation market managed to go through the crisis in 2020 and quickly turn the game around. Proof of this is that the renowned road transport company Itapemirim will start operating in the air network this year.

Having already received its first plane in February, the intention is that, in March, Ita Transportes Aéreos flights will be available to Brazilians. The expectation now is that Grupo Itapemirim will launch its points program, as did Latam , Gol and Azul .

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