North coast of São Paulo: Complete guide to the best beaches

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North coast of São Paulo: Complete guide to the best beaches

The north coast of São Paulo has beauties that deserve your visit

Those who live in the state of São Paulo do not have to go far to discover beautiful places to travel and relax. You can find beautiful beaches, historic centers and a host of tourist attractions.

The north coast of São Paulo has paradisiacal scenarios that will surprise you. In this guide, you will find out which are the best beaches on the São Paulo coast to relax and enjoy the breeze. Check out: 


Guarujá is 95km from the capital, a good idea for those who want to hit the road on a sunny Saturday. 

Pernambuco Beach: Calm down, you didn’t read it wrong. This is one of the most sought after beaches by tourists in Guarujá. At low tide, it is possible to cross the straits of Ilha do Mar Casado and arrive at Praia do Mar Casado, which is a continuation of Praia de Pernambuco, both full of beauty.

Image of stones from Pernambuco beach

Praia da Enseada: Bars, restaurants and kiosks, in addition to a calm sea and a wide stretch of sand. 

image of the sunset at the beach in the cove

São Pedro Beach: It is located in the Serra do Guararu. Access is via two condominiums: Tijucopava (the quieter side of the beach) and Iporanga (access to three beaches and the rough waves).

image of san pedro beach on a sunny day

Praia Branca: In it, you will find a fishing village and camping area. The calmer waters are on the right side of the beach. Access is via a 20-minute trail or by boat. 

image of the white beach seen from the sand on a sunny day.

In Guarujá, you can also see the sea from an even better angle: from above. The city has two free viewpoints with easy access for tourists to have a panoramic view of the region.

The Morro do Maluf Viewpoint overlooks Enseada Beach. The other is the Caixa d’ Água Viewpoint, which overlooks Praia do Tombo. In both, the ideal is to go during the day and return before dark. The paths can be made by car or on foot.

San Sebastian

São Sebastião is among the most popular destinations on the north coast of São Paulo . The city offers options for all tastes: calm, bustling beaches, with a river, in the shape of islands, among others. Check out: 

The Islands: Here you will enjoy 2 beaches with a small vein of fresh water and virgin forest around, where you can hike. The Islands are calm and perfect for spending the day and enjoying the scenery.

Juquehy Beach: over 3 km long and with very compact sand, this beach attracts many tourists and athletes. It is ideal for running, playing ball and biking. 

image of Juquehy beach at dusk

Praia de Maresias: Famous for its good waves for surfing, Praia de Maresias hosts championships and stages of the sport’s circuits. It is huge and has a good hotel infrastructure. 

image of the sand and sea at the sea in the sea on a sunny day.

Barra do Una Beach: Here is one of the most beautiful encounters between the sea and the Una River. The beach is perfect for those who enjoy speedboat rides, boats or jet ski and a lunch by the river to relax. 

Barra do Sahy: Small and quiet beach, perfect to enjoy with the children. The view is beautiful, as in summer the sunset makes the moment magical. 

image of the sand, sea and hill at barra do sahy beach

The city has a Historic Center that helps to know more about the origin and how the region has developed over time. It’s worth sitting at outdoor tables and ordering a coffee to enjoy the nostalgic landscape.  

If, in addition to the beaches, you also enjoy a waterfall, there is also one here. To get to them, you can hire one of the agencies in the region, in the case of those who have less experience with trails, or you can go on your own too, in the case of experts

Beautiful island

This municipality is able to please tourists who enjoy busy beaches and are in love with nature. The famous Ilhabela is ideal for those who love nature , without giving up an energizing swim in the sea. 

Praia do Jabaquara: It is surrounded by mountains and offers a sea with different shades of blue, wide strip of sand. It also appeals to tourists who want to escape the urban environment, but appreciate a good infrastructure.

Jabaquara beach seen from above on a sunny day.

Praia de Castelhanos: Enjoying a vacation at Praia de Castelhanos can be amazing. This beach is marked by its beautiful heart shape, which can be seen from the top of the lookout, has a rough sea and is surrounded by vegetation and a lot of beauty. 

Castilian beach seen from above on a sunny day

Praia do Pinto and Praia da Ponta Azeda:   they are separated by just a few meters and connected by a wooden deck. The sea is transparent and you will be able to see corals and turtles up close. Good choice for children. 

Praia da Feiticeira: Calm sea, shady places and beautiful rock formations. The sand strip is only 250 meters long and there are no kiosks or restaurants, so you need to go equipped with snacks and water (as well as a bag to take back your own garbage, of course). This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves tranquility.

image of the rock formations inside Praia da Feiticeira

One of the island’s attractions is Ponto das Letras, a café and bookstore in Ilhabela with a very charming space. There are more than 25 years of tradition in the Parada village, a must for tourists.

In addition to the beaches and Ponto das Letras, Ilhabela is famous for its trails and waterfalls. If you have no experience with slippery and uneven places, seek the services of a professional.