Paris is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. In 2019, France set a new record: 89 million people visited the country this year alone. But what is so special about Paris?

The answer to this question is only one: Paris is simply Paris and pont finale. Simple as that There are those who don’t like the city of light, in short, like is like , but this is certainly not your case, dear reader, since you are reading this article.

And if you’re reading, it’s because you love this city so much that you want to know everything about it, even its biggest secrets. And I can say that secrets are not lacking in the city of light. Every corner you step on, every street you cross has a story. It may be a simple story, of everyday people, but it also has fascinating stories of people important to world history.

Thus, Paris goes far beyond its famous tourist attractions. It has many interesting places scattered around the city. But, many people have no idea that these places exist, after all, no travel guide shows it, no agency includes these places in their packages or travel blogs you find.

Some of the places I’m going to show you here I learned through Brazilian blogs from bloggers who live in Paris. But, most I found out through a lot of research and on French websites.

As I discovered these places, I became more fascinated, excited and curious. So, as a good content producer I went digging deeper and deeper. And every time I looked for more, I was passionate about this amazing city that has a lot to offer and teach us.


Paris: 6 amazing places you didn’t even know existed

1- Luxembourg Palace

Everyone knows the gardens of Luxembourg and visiting them is the right thing to do on most tours to Paris. But what few people know is that it is possible to visit the Luxembourg Palace, now the seat of the French Senate. The visit is not so publicized, I believe, because to visit the palace is not that simple.

First, you can only visit the palace on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, if you don’t have a senate meeting. In this case it is only allowed to enter a group of 40 people per day. In addition, you need to ask permission from the French senate to make the visit.

The individual visits take place one Saturday a month and are organized by the Center des Monuments Nationaux, from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm .


The palace was once the residence of one of France’s most important queens. In 1625, Catherine de’ Medici moved to the Luxembourg Palace as she could no longer bear to live in the Louvre Palace, which at that time stank of the waste thrown into the Seine.

In 1804, the conservative senate, created by Napoleon, was installed in the palace. Since then, the seat of the French senate has been located in the Luxembourg palace.

Besides the palace being a beautiful place, it has many interesting things to visit in it, such as Victor Hugo’s room (The hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables) and the throne of Napoleon I.


2. Pont Neuf

Paris has many wonderful and romantic bridges that give the city an even more charming air. But, many of them were the scene of remarkable historical events that you can’t even imagine. On the Neuf bridge , one of the oldest bridges in Paris, it was an emblematic place in the history of France.

Finally, on March 18, 1314, the Grand Master of the Templars Jacques de Molay   (one of the last Templars) was burned alive on the banks of the Seine. Thus, putting an end to the famous order of the temple knights.

In the place where the bridge stands today was the place where King Philip, O beautiful and Nogaret , responsible for the persecution and death of the Templars, watched the end of the knight.

The knight’s last words, as he burned in flames, were to curse the next 13 generations of French kings. Sinister isn’t it?

3. Traces of the Bastille

I sometimes think that if France’s raging and hungry population hadn’t brought down the Bastille these days, the political prison would surely be one of the most visited tourist spots in the city.

But, did you know that there is still a very simple part of the old bastille? There is so little left of the place that it ends up not attracting the attention of tourists or agencies. But, for those who love history, I think this place is completely out of the cliché, it’s really worth a visit.

The remains of the Bastille are in the neighborhood, Bastille! !


4.Arena of Lutetia

It is not only in Rome that there are fighting arenas, where gladiators fought to the death. In Paris, it is also possible to find one. Of course, the Lùtece Arena in Paris doesn’t even reach the Coliseum or the Verona Arena, but it is certainly a very interesting vestige of the time when the city lived under the rule of Rome. It was built in the late 1st century AD

Lutetia was the first name given to Paris, as soon as Emperor Julius Caesar conquered the city.

Today, very little remains of the arena, which was destroyed several times, but together with the Roman baths they are the only remains that remain from that time.

5- Les Cordeliers Convent

Located in Saint Germain de prés , the Les Cordeliers convent is a place that has a very important historical value for France but that goes unnoticed by tourists. After all, it was in this convent that the Les Cordeliers Club emerged, whose members were Danton and Desmoulins , great heads of the 1789 revolution. Club meetings used to take place in the chapel of this convent, hence the name of the club.

6-Tour of the temple

The Square du temple is a square located in the Marais district , in the 3rd arrondissement and has a lot of history to tell. After all, where the square is now located was land that belonged to the Knights Templar who built a fortress there in 1240.

The part where today is a garden, was the Tour du Temple or temple tower, which was part of the maison du temple . It was also in the tower of this building that Luis XVI and his son were imprisoned during the French Revolution. The tower was torn down in 1808 at the behest of Napoleon Bonaparte, who did not want supporters of the monarchy to make pilgrimages to the site.

Today, there is only a simple garden in the square together with the city hall in the neighborhood.

So folks, these are the 6 places in Paris, full of history that no guide tells you. Indeed, Paris is an amazing city.