Places to go in Curitiba: 15 destinations to enjoy in the capital of Paraná

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Places to go in Curitiba: 15 destinations to enjoy in the capital of Paraná

Discover cool places to go in Curitiba and find out which destinations are not to be missed on your trip to the capital of Paraná.

In the mood to travel and explore the world, but no idea how to use your quality time on this trip? We help you make the best itinerary with unmissable options for you to enjoy a lot.

If your destination is the southern region of the country and you plan to visit the capital of Paraná, we have the best tips for places in Curitiba to visit and be enchanted. We select museums, bars and parks for you to visit and get a taste of want more.

To find out what to do in Curitiba alone or with someone, take the opportunity to check out the following content. 

1. Botanical Garden

Curitiba's botanical garden

At the top of places in Curitiba to enjoy the trip in the best way is the Botanical Garden. With 245,000 square meters of green area, the place is one of the main postcards of the city.

The Botanical Garden in Curitiba attracts tourists from all over the country for its beauty and the multi-sensory experience it provides. You can visit the greenhouse and discover the great botanical diversity it boasts, have a picnic on the grass and visit the Jardim das Sensações. 

The space has free entry and is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Access can be made via the Expressos Centenário/Campo Comprido, Centenário/Rui Barbosa, Cabral/Portão and Alcides Munhoz Lines.

2. Oscar Niemeyer Museum

oscar niemeyer museum at dusk

The second place in Curitiba to visit is MON , Oscar Niemeyer Museum or Eye Museum, as it is popularly known. The place, dedicated to art, is another well-known postcard of the city.

Visitors will find works by Brazilian artists, such as the modernists Tarsila do Amaral and Cândido Portinari. In addition, the collection also features works by internationally known artists such as Andy Warhol and Tomie Ohtake.

To enter MON, it is necessary to pay an amount of R$20 from Tuesday to Sunday, with the exception of Wednesdays when access is free. Half price, for any day the Museum is in operation, costs R$10.

To get to MON, it is possible to go by bus on lines that pass at the Tube Station and stop at Prefeito Rosalvo G. Mello Leitão, Cândido de Abreu, Marechal Hermes and Manoel Eufrásio streets.

3. Wine path

table with bunches of grapes and two glasses of red wine

Anyone looking for places to visit in Curitiba cannot leave the Caminho do Vinho off the road . The route is not exactly located in the city, but in São José dos Pinhais, which is very close to the capital.

To get there, you can go by car, tourist bus or taxi, but the best option for tourists is the Bus Tour, with departures at Shopping Estação. The cost of this transport is R$70 and R$35 half a ticket. The tour lasts 6:30 am.

You will visit wineries and enjoy the best colonial coffees in the region. In addition, farms, cheese and breweries will be waiting for you.

4. Municipal Market

image from within the municipal market

Was waiting for tips on places to eat in Curitiba ? So here’s the best one: the Municipal Market . Whether for shopping and taking a little bit of the city with you or to sample the gastronomic delights of the city, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

To get there by public transport, use lines 011 Interbairros I, 303 Centenário/Campo Comprido, 304 Pinhais/Campo Comprido, 507 Sítio Cercado, among others.

5. Wire Opera

image of the inner part of the wire opera

Well known, Ópera do Arame could not be missing from the list of places to visit in Curitiba . That’s because, together with the Botanical Garden, it is one of the most visited tourist spots in the capital of Paraná.

Located in Parque das Pedreiras, the place is a large theater open to visitors and dedicated to art and culture. No fees are charged for visitation, but, as it belongs to the private sector, it is necessary to check the opening hours beforehand.

To get there, take the bus: 020 Interbairros II or 176 Parque Tanguá. 

6. Ahu Prison

image of the outside of the ahu prison on a sunny day

If you love to make good clicks and have ever looked for abandoned places in Curitiba to photograph , you must have heard about Presídio Ahu. Deactivated in 2007, it was abandoned for years until being transformed into the Judiciary Center of Curitiba.

With hair-raising stories from the time it was still abandoned, the place figured in the imagination of Curitiba residents and tourists for a long time as haunted. Today, the old mansion is just another beautiful place to photograph in the capital of Paraná.

To get there, take the lines: 203 Santa Cândida/Capão Raso, 265 Ahú/Los Angeles, 274 Santa Gema, 607 Colombo/CIC, among others.

7. 24 hour street

24-hour street in full operation in Curitiba

Another beautiful place to visit in Curitiba is Rua 24 horas . With an architecture that draws attention, it is the right destination for tourists who want options for leisure, services, shops and gastronomy.

Unlike what the name suggests, the street is no longer open for 24 hours. Since 2007, it is possible to take advantage of its services until 23:00. Shops, bars and restaurants can be found on site.

You can get there by car, taxi or several bus lines. The Linha Turismo and the Aeroporto Executivo bus also take you to Rua 24 horas and stop right in front of it.

8. Holocaust Museum

image of thematic room inside the holocaust museum

Another place dedicated to culture is on our list: the Holocaust Museum . Opened in 2011, it deals with the theme in question from the memory of survivors of Nazism.

Tourist and school group visits are frequent, mainly because of its collection. The museum houses a permanent exhibition of 56 objects and an average of 300 photos and videos. He also receives donations of materials and testimonies from survivors.

The space is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, being closed on Thursdays and Saturdays. Admission is free, but prohibited for children under 12 years of age. 

To get to the Holocaust Museum by bus, take the lines: 176 Parque Tanguá, 180 Água Verde/Abranches, 181 Mateus Leme, 505 Boqueirão/Centro Cívico or 607 Colombo/CIC. It is also possible to arrive by private car or taxi.