Places to Travel Alone and Relax: 15 amazing destinations to rest your body and mind

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Places to Travel Alone and Relax: 15 amazing destinations to rest your body and mind

If you are one of those people who are dying to travel, but are unaccompanied to reach a new destination, these tips are for you!

Hitting the road on your own is a trend that has been increasingly popular with Brazilians. With that in mind, we have gathered 15 perfect destinations for those who want to unwind and relax, unaccompanied. Take the opportunity to learn a little more about each of them.

  • Aquiraz
  • Cape St. Augustine
  • Florianopolis
  • Black gold
  • Guarapari
  • Beautiful
  • Caldas Novas
  • Colony of Sacramento
  • Vienna
  • Cusco
  • Zurich
  • Oslo
  • Hanoi
  • Cordoba

For those who want to explore without leaving Brazil 

Brazil has incredible cities and destinations, which leave nothing to be desired for other continents with popular locations. That’s why we’ll start with tips on national itineraries. Follow it with us :). 

northeast region

  • Ceará – Aquiraz

image of palm trees on Aquiraz beach in ceará

Little known place, the city of Aquiraz in Ceará is close to Fortaleza, which facilitates access to the beaches of both locations.

But as the purpose of the trip is to relax, we advise you to stay only in Aquiraz, which offers small beaches, but surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The beaches of Barro Preto, Presidio, Iguape and Porto das Dunas are great destinations for those who want to get in touch with nature and unwind.  

  • Pernambuco – Cabo de Santo Agostinho

image in yellow tones of the pram trees on the beach of cabo de santo agostinho

Also to enjoy the beauties of the Brazilian northeast, Cabo de Santo Agostinho is a great option for those who want to travel alone. The city is close to the beaches of Recife – including Boa Viagem.

For those who want peace and savings, the tip is to stay in Santo Agostinho. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, the prices of inns and even restaurants are more affordable. 

There, the public performances of frevo and maracatu are attractions on their own!


South region

  • Rio Grande do Sul – Canoes

image of airplane square with airplane model and aviator statue in black and white.

Photo: Pinterest via

Great for those planning a trip for the fall or winter , Canoas is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a country atmosphere in a place full of cultural programs. 

It is also at this time that musical and gastronomic festivals come to life in the region. And for those who want to take advantage of their free time to shop, it’s worth taking a look at the knitwear circuit!

  • Santa Catarina – Florianópolis

image of the beach coast in florianópolis in Santa Catarina

The capital of Santa Catarina is not just about the excitement and hype. Traveling alone to Florianópolis can provide unforgettable experiences in some of what are considered the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. 

Take the opportunity to visit the Morro da Cruz Viewpoint, take walks along the Beira à Mar Norte and enjoy a quiet late afternoon in Santo Antônio de Lisboa, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. 

Southeast region

  • Minas Gerais – Ouro Preto

image of the back of the church in black gold with hills of forest in the background.

Ouro Preto is one of the most historic cities in Brazil and an almost mandatory destination for those who want to embark on their own. There are dozens of tourist spots to be visited, in addition to the small towns that are nearby and are great for hit and return tours.

It is worth visiting the churches and Baroque works of art by Aleijadinho, Antônio Francisco Lisboa and Manuel da Costa Ataíde. Visit the museums, more than 20 churches and the mines of Vila Rica. 

  • Espírito Santo – Guarapari

image of the boardwalk and beach in guarapari

Returning to the beaches, Guarapari combines the tranquility of the coastal climate with the facilities of a big city. There are more than 50 beaches on the edge of the city, so if you want peace and quiet, the tip is to escape the high season. 

There are several options for outdoor activities, diving and even water parks for those who want to relax, but don’t give up on the adrenaline. Also visit the Mirante do Ipiranga and, if you like fish, the local cuisine is a must. 


  • Mato Grosso do Sul – Bonito

image of two men sailing by canoe on the anaconda river

If your idea is to enjoy nature, Bonito is the perfect destination, as it is full of natural lakes, waterfalls, caves and trails. The place is made for those who want to forget the routine and relax while looking at incredible landscapes.

There, one of the main tourist attractions is Lagoa Azul, but it is well worth visiting Praia da Figueira and, of course, the Rio da Prata.

  • Goiás – Caldas Novas

image of caldas nova park during a sunny day

City known as the “Capital of Hot Waters”. Caldas Novas is the largest hydrothermal resort in the world. The city’s waters exceed 45ºC.

The destination is also ideal for those who want to enjoy a peaceful, worry-free trip. Also stroll through the Serra de Caldas State Park, a large reserve in the Cerrado National. 

For those who want to stretch their feet to international destinations

The Americas and Europe tend to attract many tourists traveling alone around the world. There are several options for destinations for those who enjoy the beach, countryside, mountains or even cities. 

  • Uruguay – Colonia del Sacramento

image of a staircase inside the colony of the sacrament of uruguay

Colonia do Sacramento, in Uruguay, is one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America, after all, the small city is located on the banks of the River Prata, which also allows for a quick getaway to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

Great for those who want to rest in international lands, Colonia del Sacramento is also a treat for those who appreciate old and historic buildings such as the Lighthouse of Colonia del Sacramento.

  • Austria – Vienna

night image of the opera in vienna

A country with a bucolic climate, Austria is a perfect destination for those who like to rest in a culturally charming and cold place. In the capital, Vienna, one of the most recommended tours is the visit to the Volksgarten, a beautiful garden perfect for long walks – or to relax while reading a book and enjoying the environment. 

Also include a tour of Schönbrunn Palace, a huge historic building, commonly known as the Austrian Palace of Versailles on the itinerary.


  • Peru – Cusco

image of mountains and remains of Inca buildings in Machu Picchu

Former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is still the main tourist destination in Peru today. Filled with archeological sites and Spanish colonial buildings, the city is a great route for those who want to travel alone. 

There, take the opportunity to visit local shops and taste the delicious typical dishes that integrate one of the best culinary cultures in the world. 

  • Switzerland – Zurich

image of the city of zurich at night

Switzerland is a country well known for its respect for tourists, which makes it a great destination for those traveling alone. The world’s chocolate land is welcoming and home to unforgettable destinations. 

Zurich is the most populous city in the country and the international banking and financial center. It’s a great starting point for the solo traveler, but it can also be interesting to get to know Geneva, which has great restaurants and museums. If you want to catch up on Italian, pay a visit to Ticino, where the Italian language predominates.

  • Norway – Oslo

image of kerl johans gates in oslo during the day

The scene and birthplace of the Vikings, Norway is not among the most popular destinations for travelers to Europe, but it should, after all, be considered one of the safest and happiest countries in the world!

You can get to know charming little seaside towns and even sail through fjords to see the colorful lights of the Northern Lights (if you’re lucky!). 

Oslo, its capital, is a great destination to start venturing across the country and immerse yourself in Nordic culture!

  • Vietnam – Hanoi

image of a man pedaling a bicycle inside a tree corridor in hanoi vietnam

Still little requested by tourists, Vietnam is a beautiful place for those who want to know Asia (and it has a very attractive cost too).

The capital (and second largest city in the country), Hanoi is full of shops, but the biggest attraction is the Hoan Kiem Lake, perfect for those who want to relax by practicing tai chi.

  • Argentina – Cordoba

image seen by plane of the city of cordoba illuminated at night

Away from the Argentine capital, Córdoba is 700 km away from Buenos Aires, but it is a good destination for those who want to explore the interior of the country.

The city has a youthful air, is full of historic buildings and also gives easy access to Rosário and Mendoza .