Travel insurance covering Covid

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Travel insurance covering Covid

To meet the needs that COVID-19 generated in the tourism market, some insurers already offer  travel insurance that covers Covid .

Understanding the importance of insurance when traveling is the first step in planning a safe trip with less headaches. After all, health must always be a priority, especially now.

So, to find out all about travel insurance that covers Covid , check out the following content!

Did travel insurance not have pandemic coverage?

Travel insurance provides general medical coverage. They ensure the traveler in case of any accident or emergency that requires hospital care, examinations and hospitalization. They can even cover expenses in pharmacies. It all depends, of course, on the contracted package.

But specific attention to pandemics, in general, is not provided for by travel insurance. And this happens for a number of factors, but the main one is that cases such as the new coronavirus are atypical and, therefore, considered “excluded risks”.

But everything changed with the proliferation of coronavirus around the world, leading insurers to adapt to it.

How did travel insurance get adequate?

Following the position taken by life insurance, travel insurers have adapted their plans to include coverage in case of contamination by Covid-19.

This add-on is an improvement on the options already offered and protects the traveler if he becomes infected during the trip and needs medical care.

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Does all travel insurance now cover Covid-19?

No. It is important to know that not all travel insurance covers Covid . Some offer coverage in all plans, others only in a few and there are even insurers that do not have the benefit.

Before purchasing travel insurance, check carefully which services are covered.

Covid coverage benefits

For most plans that cater to travelers with respect to Covid, coverage is pretty complete. From diagnosis to admission, the tourist will be assured. In general, the traveler will be entitled to:

  • Reimbursement of the test done to diagnose the new coronavirus
  • Medical and hospital expenses in case of consultations and hospitalizations
  • Medical assistance in person or by video call
  • Transfer of the body, if the patient’s death occurs

In addition, some insurance companies offer exclusive plans for student travel. Others, however, are limited to territories in specific countries: there are those operating only in Brazil and many operating only in the United States.

What happens if the insurance doesn’t have Covid coverage?

If you take out travel insurance that does not have covid coverage and you experience symptoms while traveling, the protocol will be a little different. Until diagnosis, your insurance will cover the necessary medical care, just like any other insurance.

That is why it is so important, especially nowadays, to take out travel insurance that covers your expenses in case of a positive test for covid. After all, even with all the care and security protocols, there is no way to guarantee 100% protection, right?

Who is already vaccinated, need to take out insurance?

The answer is yes”! Even if you’ve already been vaccinated, it’s important to take out travel insurance that covers Covid . And there are a few reasons for this:

  • Vaccines do not prevent you from becoming infected, they guarantee different treatment efficiencies should the infection occur. In other words, even if you are vaccinated, it is possible that you contract the new coronavirus and need care.
  • The virus has mutated and there is no way of predicting whether existing vaccines will be effective against future strains. So it’s important to be on the safe side in every way possible so that you don’t get caught by surprise.

For these reasons, it is important to take out travel insurance with coverage for Covid-19 even if you have already had the vaccine. So you won’t need to pay anything extra in case of contamination during your trip as you will have already invested money in insurance.

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How to protect yourself on a trip?

Once you know the benefits of travel insurance and which ones offer coverage for Covid-19, there are some recommendations that can guarantee you a safer flight. Using masks and keeping your hands always sanitized are basic precautions that can help you.

Also, pay attention to your destination’s hygiene rules and check out more tips to protect yourself from Covid-19 . In case of symptoms, take the test and, if the result is positive, choose not to travel. In that case you can reschedule your airline ticket .

Take out travel insurance that covers Covid and follow the safety rules above. That way you protect yourself and enjoy it.