Travel package? MaxExperiences goes beyond!

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Travel package? MaxExperiences goes beyond!

We had already revolutionized the tourism market by offering cheaper airline tickets . Now, we innovate once again with MaxExperiences, a product that offers alternatives to the traditional travel package.

It includes air tickets, transfers, accommodation… And it goes even further: it also provides special routes to destinations other than those offered by the traditional market. 

Another advantage is that the entire purchase process takes place online, making it easier and more autonomous for customers. 

MaxExperiências arrived to transform the way people travel, going beyond the already known travel package. But we know that every new product raises doubts. So, continue with this text and stay on top of all the details.


Forget the traditional travel package


Chances are you’ve already come across this scene on a trip: dozens of people crowded into a tourist spot to take a picture and then leave for another postcard of the city.

This image turned out to be a classic of the traditional travel package. Most of them are limited to showing the main points of a tourist destination, but always in a quick and non-immersive way.

On the other hand, those looking for less popular destinations, such as Bonito (MS), Amazônia (AM) or Jalapão (TO), cannot find a solution in the traditional travel package. 

These destinations usually require transport as they are further away from large urban centers. The tours, such as trails, boats, dives and caves, also require a lot of research and contracts are usually made separately, in specialized agencies in the region.

The tourist pays for transport here, a tour there, a guide there… When he sees it, he has already spent much more than he had planned. Furthermore, with so many service providers in the market, it is difficult to know which one offers the best price and which one is the most reliable.

That’s why a lot of people resort to package travel to these more unusual destinations. It turns out that, if the traveler does not research well, he may end up choosing an incomplete package that does not offer a good experience in the place.

Here at MaxMilhas, we believe that trips should provide unique and special moments. After all, the best ones are those that yield good memories and experiences, and not just some photos, right?

That’s why we created MaxExperiences, the perfect option for those who want to combine comfort with quality. Want to see how it works? So come with us!


A beach buggy ride is an experience, going beyond a traditional package tour.  On one side the sea, on the other many coconut trees.

Beach in Caraíva, on the coast of Bahia


MaxExperiências goes beyond the traditional travel package


MaxExperiences is a product that brings together airline tickets, hotel and exclusive itineraries in one place. This way, you don’t need to contract each service separately at the travel location, wasting time and money.

Unlike the traditional travel package, MaxExperience brings varied itineraries and unexplored destinations with a single objective: to provide unforgettable travel immersions. It is an invitation for those who love to visit unconventional places, without losing comfort. 

It was created by us, from MaxMilhas , a travel tech that has been revolutionizing the travel market since 2013 and is an expert on the subject.

We combine our expertise in tourism, technology, data analytics and extensive network of contacts to create end-to-end traveler experiences.

The goal is to be a transforming agent of tourism, offering more than a simple travel package. The idea is to provide a well-structured product with an affordable price for places that have more difficult logistics, but which arouse the interest of those who want to travel.


Travel package?  No!  A boat experience on the Amazon River takes a group of tourists

Boat trip on the Amazon River (AM)


How does MaxExperiências work?


When acquiring an experience, you suggest an ideal date for your trip. MaxExperiências’ team evaluates the suggestion and seeks the best options for dates and times for that period. 

The final choice of travel date is made with you and confirmation takes place up to 90 days before departure.


There are two ways to live MaxExperiências:


1) Suggested itineraries

Our team of specialists has already selected several destinations and special itineraries, ranging from beaches, such as Caraíva and Jericoacoara, to adventures in the interior of the country, such as Jalapão and Bonito. 

On the website you can check all the information about the trip, such as prices, itineraries and services included. 

In some experiences it is possible to find “free days”, which are those that we reserve for the traveler to enjoy as they wish. 

But don’t think that we’re going to let anyone down at these times: we’ve selected several tips and suggestions for tours to do there.


2) Customized itineraries: 

At MaxExperiences, in addition to having suggested itineraries, you can also request a customized experience for the place you want. 

In other words, if you haven’t found the destination of your dreams, our team of experts makes an exclusive quote.

Oh, and you can also customize existing experiences to your own needs. See how much more it is than any traditional travel package?


Superior image of the Blue Grotto, with a strong colored water at the bottom and many rock formations around it.  Two people snorkel.

Snorkeling at Gruta Azul, in Chapada Diamantina (BA)


Advantages of MaxExperiences


You get everything you need at once, in one place. This makes it much easier to hire and manage your trip.

More than a travel package, here are exclusive itineraries

Travel specialists select the best itineraries so that you can live a unique experience there. And it’s a real experience, it’s not arriving, taking a photo and leaving like a traditional travel package. So you take the best of the trip!

Unconventional destinations

For you to go to paradisiacal places, such as Bonito (MS), Jalapão (TO), Amazônia (AM), Fernando de Noronha (PE), Chapada Diamantina (BA), Boipeba (BA)… It also has special itineraries, such as the Rota das Emotions, with Lençóis Maranhenses (MA), Delta do Parnaíba (PI) and Jericoacoara (CE).

Known destinations, but with new experiences

Also available are those dear cities, such as Fortaleza (CE), but with price and route advantages.


Know how much your trip will be and everything that is included in it, without those pranks of extra fees along the way. You are also not vulnerable to vendor price fluctuations.


MaxMilhas joined technology and its expertise of more than 8 years of history to reduce process costs and thus offer a product with the best cost-benefit ratio.


Pay for your experience in up to 10 interest-free installments on your credit card.

free cancellation

You can cancel your trip free of charge until the ticketing date.