Traveling to the Maldives Islands: Discover one of Asia’s paradises

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Traveling to the Maldives Islands: Discover one of Asia’s paradises

You’ve certainly dreamed of traveling to the Maldives Islands after seeing pictures of this paradise, right? 

Part of the Asian continent, the archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean. With its bungalows that allow guests to wake up by stepping into the water and enjoying the breathtaking views, this is a popular destination for couples on a romantic ladder.

But don’t worry: you can also enjoy the destination a lot with friends, family or even in your own company. Want to find out how? So come with us!😉

When to go to Maldives Islands

Traveling to Maldives Islands

Traveling to the Maldives Islands is a year-round program. That’s because the archipelago’s moderate tropical climate allows you to enjoy higher temperatures year-round, from 26 to 30°C.

It’s interesting that you know that the months are divided between two major phases:

  • The winter monsoon, from November to April, is when the weather is drier and temperatures are a little milder. This is the peak season in the Maldives and therefore prices are also higher;
  • The summer monsoon that between the months of May and October , is responsible for bringing more rain and higher temperatures of the islands. Although the rain scares away some tourists, they are far from spoiling their vacation: despite being frequent, they are like summer rains, which come and go quickly, soon opening the sun again😉

Basically, who decides the best time to travel to the Maldives Islands depends on what you are looking for. Being a great destination all year round, the choice depends largely on what you are willing to spend and the type of activity you want to do.

How to enjoy the Maldives Islands

Let’s tell you the truth: the hotels themselves are already quite an attraction for those who decide to travel to the Maldives Islands. But, in addition to enjoying the privacy and luxury of the bungalows that dot the crystal clear waters of the islands, you can immerse yourself in many activities that will stay in your memory.

The Sea of ​​the Islands, of course, is already a full plate. You can prepare for jet sky adventures , kite surfing, wakeboarding, water biking and more. Besides, you can imagine what a dive in this paradise is like, right? You can now add snorkeling to your activity list!

And, of course, the natural beauties are not lacking on this trip. Therefore, we recommend (a lot!) that you do not miss the opportunity to explore trails in the woods , to enjoy the colors of sunrise and sunset and to be enchanted by the phenomenon of bioluminescence , the plankton that make the waves bright with falling of the night.

How about enjoying a Day Use?

Traveling to Maldives Islands

Do you know the bungalows we keep talking about? While this is a very interesting and visually striking part of the Maldives Islands, these luxury hideaways really do come at a higher price.

But calm down! You can get to know this heavenly destination and enjoy it even without staying at these resorts😀

If the bungalows don’t fit a budget that works for you, but you still get that taste of curiosity with the accommodations, our suggestion is that you take a look at the Day Use tours.

Basically, this is a way to enjoy the entire hotel and resort installation for one day, without paying the daily rate. So, you can choose to stay at a cheaper hotel on other islands and set aside a day to discover and enjoy the famous accommodations of the Maldives Islands!

Important reminders for travelers to the Maldives Islands

Traveling to Maldives Islands

Some more bureaucratic things that are important to keep in mind when planning your trip are in relation to the documentation required for your entry into the country.

Although Brazilians do not need a tourist visa to enter the Maldives Islands, you need to have your International Yellow Fever Vaccination Card when going through immigration! 

Regarding Coronavirus , to travel to the Maldives Islands, the passenger must present a medical certificate with a negative result in the PCR test carried out within 96 h before the trip. It is also necessary to keep in mind that you may be subjected to medical examinations and a quarantine for 14 days from your arrival in the country.