Why travel to Myanmar: 4 amazing cities to see the Asian country

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Why travel to Myanmar: 4 amazing cities to see the Asian country

In Southeast Asia, Myanmar is an amazing country, full of beautiful landscapes and a rich culture. 

But if you haven’t heard a lot about the place, you don’t have to feel bad – the truth is that the country has been going through a phase of certain “rediscovery” in the eyes of the world. We say this because Myanmar has lived under a strict military regime for over 50 years, and during that time the country has remained closed to tourists. 

With this permission only renewed in 2012, it has been only about 8 years ago that it has been possible to travel to Myanmar and get lost among its sumptuous temples and its busy streets. 

Do you want to know a little more about the country? We help you!😉


If you are going to travel to Myanmar, you simply have to go to Bagan! This is one of the most important cities in the country and one of the main reasons for the continuous growth of tourists who pass through there. 

And to be honest, it’s not hard to understand why: a millenary land, which was once the capital of the Pagan Empire, had 55 emperors and has more than 2,000 Buddhist temples, Bagan is a universe apart, ready to be explored!

There, you can connect with Myanmar’s religion and history, admire impressive landscapes and buildings, and have an experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

Our tip: don’t miss the sunset in Bagan! One of the most special moments of the day, with the orange light of late afternoon, the ancient temples gain even more life, magnificence and a touch of magic!


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The country’s former capital and Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon is another must-see for tourists. 

With almost 5 million inhabitants, an equally millenary history and one of the most globalized and modern centers in the country, the place promises incredible experiences for visitors. This is because, in addition to containing some of Myanmar’s main attractions, Yangon has become a mixture of Burmese, English, Chinese and Indian cultures and is, today, one of the most diverse cities in the country. 

Passing through there, your main stop has to be the Shwedagon Pagoda – one of the holiest sites in all of Myanmar and one of the most impressive monuments in the country!

Other interesting places are the Circle Line, local markets, Sule Pagoda, Myanmar National Museum, Mahabandoola Garden and the city center 😉


Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and is a very strategic point for your trip . That’s because there are several places, activities and customs that are important for those who want to know the history and culture of the country.  

The first relevant fact about the city is that it is one of the main points of Buddhist pilgrimage in Myanmar, as it has several temples, pagodas and monasteries. This makes it possible for the visitor to feel very immersed in Buddhist religiosity and learn more about its rites and beliefs. 

Another nice point is that the city is an artistic hub and there you can get to know the country’s handicrafts up close , especially in the Stone Carvers District – the main refuge for marble sculptors. And speaking of art, Mandalay is the place to go to see a puppet play, one of the most traditional traits in Myanmar’s history! 

Finally, the city gives you the possibility of getting to know several other destinations that are just a stone’s throw away , in a round trip trip: Mingun, Amarapura and Sagaing, are some of our tips😉

Inle Lake 

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Okay, here we are not talking about a city per se, but sailing the waters of Inle Lake is one of the most amazing experiences for anyone who decides to travel to Myanmar!

First, because the lake, the second largest in the country, is immense, and in its almost 120 square kilometers, Inle Lake is home to riverside villages, swamps, numerous fishermen and wildlife – in addition to being surrounded by a mountain range that makes everything even more exciting. 

During the tour, in addition to being mesmerized by the landscape, you will get to know villages, floating gardens, factories, wineries and temples – in other words, this is your chance to experience the culture and daily life of the country up close! 

Another cool point is that Inle Lake is a respite among cities: one of the quieter and more contemplative destinations, the tour is a very quiet destination compared to the bustling streets of the larger cities of Myanmar.